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Themenstarter Themenstarter


Mittwoch, 26. August 2009, 20:13

WE parts: availability

Hi all,

looks nice, a forum and a new WE-related website.

It would be even nicer if the German WE-representative (sniperairguns) could have some needed parts in stock.
Part #59? Steel or aluminium charging handles? CO² conversion kits?

As long as there is no European distributor who has these parts, we need to buy in Asia. And customs are charging more and more taxes andf admin-fees lately.

So P L E A S E WETTI: get the worldwide network working and make it so we (Europeans) can find the parts needed in Europe.

Thanks in advance.

Elchinator Männlich


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Mittwoch, 26. August 2009, 20:16

Hello and welcome to the forum!

You can always call Sniper Airguns directly and ask them for parts availability. They can also source stuff they don't have on their website! And they do speak english... ;)

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